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You can take a break, and you can game!

Gaming's Most Relaxed Corner of The Internet

Gaming doesn't have to be hard, sweaty or competitive

Hello all, my name is Brittany, I like many of you have been gaming since I was young, about 4 or 5. I have always enjoyed it, but never got crazy competitive or particularly good about it, but that didn't sway me from enjoying it!

No don't worry I'm not actually in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

So what the heck is gonna be on here?

My biggest hope is content that entertains and can be enjoyed by the casual gamer crowd. While it is always fun to see pros succeed, or check out people who have 100s of trophies and achievements, or maybe find every glitch in Skyrim, most of us have busy lives outside of gaming.

Work, school, kids can make that content entertaining but feel a bit out of reach in terms of somebody who maybe only has a few hours a week to spend on gaming and game content. I hope to entertain with easy informative reads, offer games that give new experiences, ones that relax, or ones that are time and beginner friendly.

From retro and older games, to newer blockbuster titles, to the indie and more obscure, there's a little something for every gamer, and especially for those looking for the short sweet and unforgettable. One of my other passions is game history and collecting, so if you enjoy hearing about those too, they will be here!

What makes you different form the other gaming news/ entertainment/ blogs?

I want to offer a different perspective than the usual. You don't have to be good at games, you don't have to beat a game just because you bought it or started it, it is okay to only like cute games, or only like games with good stories. I want to highlight the unusual, the so bad its good, the fun, the short and sweet and the feel good games and aspects of the games industry. Just like people appreciate the writing, art and filmography of a movie, I want to spread my appreciation in an easy to read format that may make you go "huh, I can beat that in a weekend" and recommend it to a friend, or offer you a bit of knowledge that makes you go "woah I didn't know that about my favorite game!".

Thanks for reading my intro and if you like what you see, make an acount and feel free to leave a comment!

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