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Who is Cozy Bee Gaming?

The everyday, fun loving, adventure seeking video game enthusiasts who also have a lot to do, just like you!

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Classic Title


Founder / Writer / Reviewer

     Fulltime 9-5er, student, animation enthusiast and lifelong gamer! I got my start playing the odd combo of World of Warcraft, Nintendogs and Kingdom Hearts 2. My passion really came when I began learning about game history, game collecting and all the creative power that goes into games. The Last of Us was one of the ones that cemented in my mind that games were not just mindless entertainment. 

     From that point I knew I wanted to share my love and passion of gaming with others as well as play all sorts of games I may have not played before. I started having friends over who had never gamed just to show them the rich story telling and vibrant art. I even dabbled in fan groups and fan pages as well as creating my own edits and even some (cringey) Youtube videos.

     I truly love gaming, I am not good at it, but love it all the same. I love the different experiences many can have in a single game, or what they take away from it or the pockets of community that form around games, it could be cousins, parent and kid or internet strangers, and I want to share my unique experiences with you, while keeping it lighthearted accessible, informative and of course fun!



Writer / Reviewer

     Hey Hey! I'm Hugo! 

     I've been gaming since I can remember. I primarily play First-Person Shooters and RPGs. My go to games are Destiny 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Fallout. If you play Destiny 2 or Siege drop me a line and we can party up! I grew up playing mostly on PC but spend more time playing on Xbox now. 

     I prioritize good gameplay above everything else, if the gameplay loop is satisfying then I'll play it. Every other aspect of the game is either a bonus or insignificant. A game only has to be one thing: fun! I don't believe a game has to be complicated, competitive, or hard for it to be a good game. There is a perfect game for everyone but there is no one perfect game.

     Outside of the gaming I play Magic: The Gathering(MTG), Collect Tapes, and longboard. I've been playing MTG for about 3 years. I primarily play Red and combo it with Blue. I prefer playing Standard or Modern but am down for a multiplayer commander games as well.

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